Alltech can assist to detect and address the risks caused by over 37 mycotoxins with confidence using a holistic approach to managing your mycotoxin challenge. Here you will find out more about our 37+ program.

A Broader Analytical Aapproach

Understanding the extent of the issue. The mass spectrometry technique - LC-MS2 - utilizes the high sensitivity and selectivity of liquid chromatography to dramatically enhance the definition and  quantification of mycotoxins in complex matrixes such as feedstuffs. This technique combines separation capabilities (LC) with the accurate detection of mass particles (MS). MS/MS is a mass spectrometer capable of doing several rounds of mass spectrometry separated by mass fragmentation. This approach allows the recording of the analyte’s atomic mass or fragments and its unequivocal assignment with its fragmentation enabling its specific fingerprinting.

The successful addition of the LC-MS/MS analytical technique to Alltech’s core competencies allowed the development of analytical methods investigating more than 30 different mycotoxins quantitatively, and more than 50 others qualitatively in less than 15 minutes per sample analyzed with limits of detection in the ppt range. Patterns of contamination are now investigated in feed matrices to better capture mycotoxin profiles and the associated risks for the animal consuming contaminated feed material.

Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris, PhD
Global Analytical Research Director, Mycotoxin Management Team